EV Maintenance

What Services Does My EV Require?

EV Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

Choosing an all-electric vehicle over a gas-powered one can save you a ton on service costs over time. You no longer have to schedule the same routine maintenance you did for your gas-powered vehicle once you make the switch to an EV. At Gatorland Toyota, we take pride in offering a wide selection of new and used EVs, and our team of knowledgeable technicians are well-versed in the maintenance requirements for these models. Considering switching to an electric vehicle? Before making the switch, it’s important to understand the benefits of EV ownership and how you can save on maintenance costs in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about caring for your EV below.

How Does Owning an EV Lower My Maintenance Costs?

When you make the switch to an EV, you can say goodbye to traditional engine maintenance like regular oil changes. Plus, according to Car and Driver, an EV’s regenerative braking significantly reduces the need for brake pads and rotor replacements compared to gas-powered vehicles. Moreover, according to Green Cars, the cost of servicing an EV is, on average, one-third less than that of a gas-powered vehicle. This doesn’t even consider any costs that may be covered under an EV’s battery or new car warranty.

What EV-Specific Services Should I Schedule?

Your electric vehicle will require traditional routine maintenance, such as replacing the cabin air filter, flushing fluids and changing the windshield wipers and tires. In addition to these standard services, EVs also require specific maintenance to keep them running smoothly and maintain any warranties that may be in place. For example, since electric vehicle batteries tend to be heavy, it is important for drivers to regularly schedule tire inspections and suspension services — more frequently than they would for a standard gas-powered vehicle. To learn more about the specific services required for your EV and when they should be scheduled, refer to the owner’s manual for your car. Finally, please note that electric vehicles have advanced electrical and cooling systems in place to prevent the battery from overheating. If any issues rise with your EV, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a certified technician for proper servicing.

If you’re considering switching to an electric vehicle, check out our EV Benefits page for all the information you need on the electrified vehicles in our lineup. Additionally, if you already own an electric vehicle and need quality service, be sure to schedule an appointment with our Service Center for expert care and maintenance.

Owning an EV is an experience unlike anything else, especially when you have your friends at Gatorland Toyota to service your model. Any questions? Contact us today or stop by our dealership at 2985 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32609 We look forward to serving our customers near Ocala and Jacksonville.